There are those among us who are not as they appear. Demons walk this earth as mortal men. They are persuading many to join their uprising. The Persuaded have infiltrated every sector of society--doctors, lawyers, politicians. They all wear the Shadow and they bear the Mark. But every few generations, God chooses Three to assist Him in battle. Some even say Jesus' inner circle, Peter, James, and John, were the first. The Three are bestowed remarkable powers that rival any fable or fantasy. The power to See, the power to Hear, the power to Heal, and the power to Fight. They are The Assigned.

Imagine X-MEN meets the BIBLE. Three young adults are given extraordinary powers from God after each of their lives is shaken by tragedy. Tre Turner, Zeek Myers, and Gloria Torres are three strangers from three completely different walks of life until sickness, death, and family secrets find a way to unite them. Will our unsuspecting heroes rise beyond personal anguish and bring balance to a war waged since the creation of time?

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