First there was a Grandma named Madea. Then, a Father named Brown. Now, meet the Uncle every family has, but no one wants to claim... Uncle Curly!  Curly Seymour is a world renowned, award-winning, quartet singer and guitarist. In fact, some of the biggest stars of our times have stolen Uncle Curly's signature moves, including Micheal Jackson and Beyonce! (Let him tell it....) His group, Curly Seymour & the Curlinaires, achieved great fame in the quartet arena until his arch-rival, Rufus Von Holloway. Rufus Von Holloway stole the group away from him and left him with no bragging rights. Although a new millennium has dawned, Uncle Curly is resting in the 1970's, donning a fresh jheri curl, flamboyant outfits, and a signature sound. Uncle Curly brings laughter to the hearts of many without even saying a word.

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